Bob Marley Hero

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When many people think of Bob Marley they think of reggae music, three little birds, and possibly that he loved smoking marijuana. Many people are too quick to judge someone before they even take a look into what they actually did. Many people do many great things in this world, and sometimes those actions go unnoticed. I was inspired by what Bob Marley did for his country because he did it to better humanity, and because nobody ever would think of Bob Marley changing the world. To many people Bob Marley was just a music icon, who sang songs you would listen to while you were on the beach and had no care in the world. He was bigger than that. He was someone who used his power and turned it into good. Many music artists or celebrities don’t…show more content…
When we hear the word hero, we think of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and possibly Gandhi. Bob Marley was an unsung hero, because he related to people through more things than any hero ever did. He didn’t want to change a view of a race, he didn’t try to help convert religion, all he wanted was peace. To this day peace is what we need as a world, and he started that with the upbringing of love in Jamaica. Why is he not a notable hero? I personally believe the reason Marley was not notified as a hero of this world is because people had biased views about him based on his music and his recreational activities. He was a very profound smoker of marijuana, and that could have contributed to the shading of his hero qualities. Everyone has their own opinion, and that’s fine, but you cannot take away the remarkable things he has done for this world. Bob Marley was the hero Jamaica and the whole world needed, he wanted to show that violence solves nothing, and that peace is the answer. He provided people with hope, and a hope that would live forever. Violence was terrible in Jamaica, particularly gun violence. Marley was approached with the idea of coming back to his homeland of Jamaica and performing at the One Love Peace Concert to potentially stop the violence inflicted on the Jamaican
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