Bob Marley Influence On Society

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Today I will be presenting the three most influential artists in the creation of reggae music; Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Desmond Dekker. These three men can easily be titled as creating the face for reggae music. The genre popularity rose in the 1960’s creating a dance craze to this Jamaican style music. Songs that these men created were included in this dance craze, for example “could you be loved by bob Marley”, “the harder they come by jimmy cliff” and “shanty town” by Desmond Dekker. Bob Marley, although he cannot take credit for the creation of reggae music he is known as the face of the genre. If the topic of reggae music he would be the first person we would think to mention. Bob Marley was a phenomenon because of his words in music Vinay Advani of telegraph magazine says “he tied to use his music to bring peace, mend fences and unite his countrymen.” (august 10,2015) for this reason he was a national icon and deserves to be on my Mount Rushmore.…show more content…
One example of this is he provided the soundtrack and starred in the movie “the harder they come” which came out in 1972. He also took art in the making of the song Hakkuna Matata for the movie “The Lion King. Cliff was known for his collaborative skills this bringing him a lot of awards and success Jason Heller from the A.V. club says “cliff has earned some of the highest honors in the music industry, including being of the two reggae artists in the rock n roll hall of fame” (July

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