The Influence Of Reggae Music

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Bob Marley

Bob Marley
In the world, music has been part of each person’s life. The songs that people love listening vary from one person to another. The variation in music taste comes about as a result of several factors that are inevitable. For instance, the location that one is born and brought up highly determines the kind of music he/she is likely to prefer. Also, family background is another important factor that determines one’s music genre preference. Therefore, in this assignment, the primary focus will be to discuss my musical roots as well as discussing reggae music and the different perspectives formed by people about this genre.
Being a child born in the 90’s in Hawaii, my musical
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More often, my family could take time to listen to reggae music so as to get the message completely. Most of the times, my siblings and I could compete to memorize reggae songs’ lyrics. Prior the competition our parents could award the winner with enticing gifts which highly influenced our love and perception of reggae music. Although reggae music was our main preferred genre of music, more often, my mother loved listening to Hawaiian music. Despite her preference for the Hawaiian music, she also loved listening to reggae music since it was like a family…show more content…
The culture musical culture of people from Hawaii is majorly based on Reggae and the Hawaiian types of music. Despite the two kind of music were commonly listened across my neighborhood, some people also listened to RnB’s music. Some of my friends in school also loved listening to hip hop songs despite their background being reggae and the Hawaiian music. RnB’s music sounded very different from the Hawaiian music. While the Hawaiian music was exciting and danceable, RnB’s sounded very slow and boring to my ears. Reggae music had some relation with RnB’s by the fact that both were slow. Hip hop songs were also sounding boring to my ears since they were all about quick rapping. Unlike in the case of reggae music and the Hawaiian music, one could not get the message that was passed from the quick rapping of hip hop
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