Bob Marley's A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol is mainly about a old man named Ebenezer Scrooge who once had a partner named Jacob Marley, but after Marley died, Scrooge started to hate Christmas and was mean to everyone. One night, Scrooge saw Marley in his room and Marley said that Scrooge will be visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. Finally, at the end Scrooge became nice and caring to prevent Tiny Tim (Scrooge’s worker, Mr. Cratchit, son) from dying, himself from dying, and the whole town becoming dark and dreadful. A Christmas Carol is a really good movie and book. Also, it gives you a sad, happy, and a scary mood. Some comparisons of the movie and the book are that Marley’s name still stood on him and Scrooge’s store sign and Marley was…show more content…
Also, Martha did not hide and tell her mother to tell her father that she wasn’t coming to trick him in the movie. The movie never showed Scrooge going around his house believing that everything was true at the end. Finally, when the first ghost arrived, Scrooge never fixed his clock because he thought it was wrong in the book. The lighting and music affect the mood of the movie because if the music is loud and eerie and the lighting is dark, it creates a suspenseful and scary mood. Also, if the music is soft and quiet and the lights are bright, it creates a calm and happy feeling. A film contrasts differently from the written version because in the movie you see what’s going on and you feel like you’re inside the movie. Also, in a story, you have to imagine what’s going on. In a story it’s kind’ve harder to imagine what’s happening. A christmas Carol is an amazing book and movie. Scrooge turns out to be a good guy in the end and Tiny Tim gets to live. Also, in the end, Scrooge doubles Mr. Cratchit’s pay, so he can pay for Tiny Tim’s medical bills and his family’s needs. Scrooge became great friends with his nephew and went to his house for christmas dinner. Scrooge then started living a normal, happy
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