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My father-in-law was one of the most influential men in my life. I would like to introduce you to an outstanding man, his name was Bob Olson. Tragically, he passed away suddenly last May. One night Bob was experiencing back pain, and he also had a terrible cough. His wife Jan had brought him into the hospital that night. Bob was in intensive care for over three weeks. He was a fighter, he fought for his life. He already battled for his life once back when he served in the Vietnam War in 1967. Bob fought hard. Unfortunately, this time he lost his battle. We all were devastated; however he also left us with memorable memories.
I admire Bob for ultimately being the greatest positive person in my life. Bob strengthened me with motivation, inspiration and support. He encouraged me to achieve my goals, to be smart, driven, and successful. He would challenge you to break you out of your comfort zone. If you put the effort in, you will get something out of it. He always encouraged me to live up to my full potential. When I wanted to be a Real Estate agent, he supported my decision. He was my first client to my first open house. When I wanted to go back to school, he bought my books. Another instance is when we talked about taking a speed reading class. One day I got off of work. Bob was waiting at my house. He signed us up for a
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Grandpa never missed a school concert or a baseball game. We have a cabin in Birchwood, Wisconsin. They would drive up there for the day. They both loved to go on road trips. Grandpa was able to teach Vincent so many things in such a short about of time. Vincent knows everything about the cabin. Grandpa taught him how to drive the boat and pontoon. He taught him how to fish. Vincent can cut the grass with the riding lawn mower and the push mower. Vincent can fix odds and ends around the cabin. All this happened within the last 6

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