Bob Quast Fallacy

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Political advertising is increasing in recent years where it plays an important role in many campaigns election such as the United State of America. Political advertising is commonly use because the technologies are rapidly become a huge hit across the nation especially in the businesses economy. Therefore, most of the candidates choose political advertising strategy for their campaign in an advantage and disadvantage ways. The ad I chose is of Bob Quast running for US Senate. Bob Quast is not affiliated with any political party as he was running as an independent. Quast was running against Bruce Braley, Douglas Butzier, Ruth Smith, and Rick Stewart. Besides that, I watched Quast makes his clear statement within the first twenty seconds of…show more content…
What is exactly fallacy of ambiguity meaning as many people questions within their mind? In the book called “Thinking Critical Thinking and Logic Skills for Everyday life” by the author Judith A.Boss, the definition of fallacy of ambiguity is an unclear arguments or phrases with various definitions and grammatical structure which it does not support the conclusion. The concept is trying to say that people who has poor communication skills and language many fallacies. For example, Professor Raiff shows a picture and ask if the students can recognize what fallacy it is; one the image is on a teacher who told one of his student, “No, I said summarize the book…”. So, the student basically opens the textbook and flips it around to show the teacher; because of, the communication language is not clear and making sense enough for the student to understand how the teacher wants it to be summarized. In this case, this short video definitely has a link by using inappropriate grammar words that should not be use especially for a candidate like Quast to running for US Senate. He is completely not thinking carefully when he is using four simple and informal words such as “blow your balls off” as convicting phrase for the audiences to understand in a correct term persuasion. He is trying too hard to political advertising video in a perception where in conclusion might make the audience feeling
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