Bob Stuckey Biography Essay

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Drake MoodyMr. Shreve English 11 Period 64 December 2015All About Bob Stuckey Living in the old times wasn 't like it is now. Bob Stuckey, my grandpa, has a lot of things to say about his childhood days. His first words, when asked about the past, were “I had the best childhood anyone could have.” He could go on and on about his childhood days and the fun he had. Bob Stuckey 's childhood consisted of playing ball, coon hunting and trapping, and chasing girls. As for basketball, he was a star on the Spartanburg Tomcat team. He said, “You gotta have a lot of confidence and you have to keep shooting.” Bob 's favorite childhood memory was when he was a freshman in high school playing varsity basketball. Bob scored 33 points in a single game…show more content…
Bob 's favorite thing to do as a child was hanging out with his brothers and sisters. Bob had eight other siblings. He said “they never argued or got into fights.” Bob 's family was a super close family. They would give each other rough times, but never would let each other down. Bob lived all of his life in Randolph County. Grandpa and his family did many activities together. They were raised by good parents and had a good family. They brought up right as some people would say. Families now are split up and don 't see each other too often. Bob value his time with his family and friends that he played basketball with. Bob had a great journey in basketball career. He could have played somewhere in college, but he had kids. His wife Jackie, which is my grandma. They had three kids. Scott, Kim, and Angie, she is my mother. In every single game that he played, he scored double digits. Bob said during the interview “if there was three pointers back then I would of scored 20 points a quarter.” “I was the go to guy and the coach wanted the ball in my hands cause he knew that I could score the ball.” Bob 's childhood days were much different than it is for kids now. Most kids nowadays don 't know what to do without an internet or
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