Bobby And The End-Personal Narrative

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The Plot to me was great other then the end ( I will get to the end ). The First event was about Bobby, who wakes up for school, gets out of bed from under the electric blanket and goes to takes a shower in the dark because Bobby says it’s like an extra fifteen minutes of sleep. When he gets out of the shower and turns on the light, Bobby’s there but not there. I think the storyline is great because they really connect well with each other, like when Bobby turns invisible and goes downstairs to tell his parents Mr. and Mrs. Phillips that work at the University of Chicago near them as teachers about Bobby being invisible, They freak out in fear then shock. The story lines come together well because when Bobby runs into a blind girl at the library named Alicia, They become friends and her dad works at the college too, So later in the book Both Bobby and Alicia’s dads come together to try to figure out Bobby’s Situation. And that’s one of the two events that work together so well. So everything was fine except for the end. I thought the end was stupid because Alicia sends Bobby a poem and Bobby prints it and goes to Alicia’s…show more content…
Even though I didn’t like the setting, it was a good place for the story because it makes sense. The setting affected the plot because there 's snow in Chicago and wherever there 's snow you use an electric blanket, and the electric blanket made Bobby invisible. So the setting affected the story. I didn’t think the setting played as big of a role because the author could 've used someplace else with snow and another reason why I don 't think the setting played a big part of a role is because Bobby’s parents got into a car crash and Bobby just went to go see them. These are my thoughts on
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