Bobby Coming Of Age Analysis

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"Any young man coming of age has a lot of responsibility and without doubt, so does Pippin- his role, his life, and how he is going to perform it. It's all about choices and how we make them" Matthew James Thomas. This quote explains how Bobby comes of age at the end of the book. He becomes very mature with his age for his first child without support from Feathers mother. He makes the decisions to sacrifice many things in his life and to move only for the well being of his daughter. Another symbolic object representing Bobby's coming of age is his basketball. When K-Boy asks Bobby to play basketball in the park he almost makes it around the corner but realizes he forgot his child. Bobby runs back to the house and drops everything. "I lay my basketball down and it rolled out the door into the hall toward Mary's room. And I'd almost got all the way to the corner"(page 23). In this chapter the basketball Bobby rolls down the hall…show more content…
Before Nia tells Bobby she is pregnant, he used to go to the arcade all the time with his friends. Now that he has a responsibility to take care of a child, he can no longer go to hang out with his friends. "Your arcade days are over brother, she laughed before she walked out the front door, mumbling something about going to develop some prints" (pg 25). In this quote Bobby's mother, Mary, explains to him that he can not be a child anymore and that all of the days of playing games with friends are over. Above all, a symbolic object is Heaven, Ohio. This place is a very big symbol that represents Bobby's coming of age. First, his brother Paul lives in the area and could help anytime, he is experienced in taking children because he has three of them. Also, Heaven is a very good environment to raise a child. This symbolic object is a big part of Bobby's coming of age. It shows that he only want the best for Feather and will sacrifice a lot to make sure she has a good
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