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Bobby Jones: The Golf Master
What would it be like to win over ten major golf championships? Bobby jones was born on March 17, 1902. Jones grew up in atlanta georgia, where he would go watch club pro’s at the East Lake Golf Club. He would try to imitate the swing of the club pro’s. At an early age, Jones was known for being a golf prodigy who quickly grew into one of the greatest golfers and created the masters tournament that increased competition in the sport.
At an early age, Jones golf skills were apparent. Jones started golfing when he was five years old. He won his first major tournament when he was fourteen years old. He had to travel to Philadelphia where the tournament was held. In that tournament Jones faced Ebien Byers in the first round. Byers was an former amatur champion, Jones was crushing 250 yard drives, and killing it on the green. Jones won in the second round, and in the third round he had to go up against former tournament champion Bob Gardner. outmatched Jones lost the round. Jones’ was talented, but he also had a temper. As Fields explained, through Jones adolescent years he fought to foes, his temper and his
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Jones laid out the layouts for the most prestigious golf tournament in golf, It is customary that the winner of the previous Masters Tournament presents the Green Jacket to the new champion. Successful title defenses have been rare. When Jack Nicklaus repeated as champion in 1966, Club co-Founder Bobby Jones suggested Nicklaus put on the coat by himself.Although the Masters began in 1934, “The first champion to receive a Green Jacket was Sam Snead in 1949 when he won the first of his three titles at Augusta National”(Jones42). Jones won the masters, and got the green jacket. Jones won the first masters tournament that they have held. Everyone wanted to be like Jones.Bobby Jones. Jones left a legacy that will live a
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