How Did Bobby Jones Contribute To Sport

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Robert Trent “Bobby” Jones Bobby Jones was encouraged to play golf as a young boy in order to improve his strength and health. He practiced to become better at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, where he was born. The golf professional at this course helped Jones, but only with the basics so he did not mess with his natural skills. Bobby Jones won the Georgia State Amatuer Championship at age 14. This was said to be his biggest win of all time. He then went on to tour the US in 1917-1918. He played exhibition matches to raise money for the war. He won many tournaments and finally qualified for the US Open in 1920, at only 18 years old. Bobby Jones became a lawyer after going to school at Georgia Tech, Harvard, and Emory University School of Law.…show more content…
He became widely known as a professional on the golf course and one of the biggest promoters of sportsmanship. In the 1925 US Open, Jones gave himself a one stroke penalty because the ball moved. Both the official and his opponent, Hagen tried to tell him not to do it, but he knew it was the right thing to do. He ended up losing this tournament by 1 stroke in the end. Everyone had said that he should have won without the penalty, but he still believed that he lost by the rules of golf. He believed that just because nobody else saw his ball move, it still moved and it was only fair to admit it. In honor of Jones, the Bob Jones Award is now annually awarded by the USGA to the player who shows the most sportsmanship. Jones passed away in 1971 at the age of 69. He was then inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. Despite Bobby Jones’ temper, he had one of the greatest personalities when it came to sportsmanship. To be an example of sportsmanship, even 80 years after someone quits playing. is a great accomplishment to have. Bobby Jones was one of the greatest golfers and people, and will continue to be known throughout the
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