Bobby Phillips Book Report

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Bobby Phillips is an invisible boy until they find a cure for him. Bobby was scared in the beginning because he didn’t know what to do and he was plain scared he wouldn’t be normal again. Bobby’s personality to this is scared but chill at the same time because he’s not freaking out like he is screaming and that stuff he’s just like I need to find a way to fix me now. Bobby is determined to get himself back to normal because he is tired of hiding and going through all of the trouble In one part of the book where it was really scary was when his parents got in to a car crash. That was scary for him because if they would to die he would be all alone and he wouldn’t be able to fix him. Also since he was alone in the house and other people knew…show more content…
He felt bad one of the first time he met her because he bumped in to her and made her drop her stuff and the ground. He obviously helped her pick up her stuff and help walked her home. After all of that stuff happened he and she started to hang out more and they became close friends and that Bobby really happy! After a while they became best friends and he told her about his secret and he was scared to tell but he could trust her. I was happy that bobby told Alicia because he didn’t have to go through all of that alone. Even though Bobby has his parents with him he still felt like he was alone but when Alicia joined it felt like he wasn’t alone cause she is around his age. I would want my friend to know about it if I was invisible because they are closer to you in age. Also Bobby felt comfortable and safe with Alicia knowing his secret. I was happy when he trusted her because that’s to one big step in a good relationship. At the end of the book I think Bobby was just happy for not being invisible again. Also he was probably happy for his parents because they could see their son again. Bobby was excited to be normal again because he didn’t like to hide and he was tired of it. He was happy that he got to go out in public normal and not all crazy looking. All through this book Bobby’s emotions were mixed with happy, sad, angry, confused, and
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