Bobco Case Study

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The report identifies the need of a knowledge management strategy for BobCo and proposes a design and implementation method of a knowledge management system for the company. The scope of the proposed KM project is to optimize organizational functions within BobCo by acquiring, creating and sharing the knowledge within the organization. The feasibility study analyzes the technicality, functionality, cultural issues, project schedule and budgeting issues of the proposed system. The risk management plan identifies the potential risks that may occur during and after the project development and implementation. Finally the report highlights the importance of a KM strategy for BobCo and the potential of a Knowledge Management system for the company.…show more content…
It will help consultants and the managers to make faster decisions that will increase the rate of operations within the company. It will also provide all employees easy access to company’s wide knowledge span. And the knowledge management system will enable the employees/consultants to efficiently collaborate their knowledge within the organization. Most importantly a successful knowledge management system will bring together the company’s knowledge span and make it more agile for changes that may occur in the future. The paper will identify and propose a knowledge management system for the company. And if successful the proposed KM system will address the following problem “if only BobCo knew everything that BobCo…show more content…
Another important objective is to transform BobCo into an agile and adaptive organization for future changes through a successful Knowledge management system.
Initially the report must address certain issues which were identified within BobCo that demands immediate attention. Therefore as a part of the implementation of a successful knowledge management system the following aspects are indicated as five co-objectives of the system.
● An Expertise locator - To address the difficulties and delays faced in handling small to medium size clients. Specifically in certain situations where the previously engaged consultant is unavailable and an issue arises to locate a specific consultant with the required skill sets in limited time.

● Discussion Forums – This objective is created as a solution to the low attendance to staff meeting claimed by the office in France. Also to address the issue of confusions and delays that might occur when the consultants must document their work and create reports in order to be saved in the databases, as complained by the Barcelona
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