Bob's Burgers Character Analysis

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Sitcoms are a huge part of media. Although they have been modernized over the years, from Friends to How I Met Your Mother for example, they still work with gender stereotypes. 
Bob’s burger is a cartoon on Comedy Central with multi dimensional characters that are openly feminist. Different characters of the show, show how the creators of the cartoon used humor to go against the gender stereotypes. In this case, the chosen social group is the Belcher family in a show called Bob’s burgers. The writers of the show managed to create a cartoon for adults that can still be taken seriously. The main character of the show, Tina Belcher, is a teenage girl going through all the awkward stages of puberty. Usually the sitcoms would show teenage boys with raging hormones while the girls are only the objects of affection, usually against their will. Tina is a girl that knows what she wants. She has vivid sexual fantasies and desires, but she also sets her own boundaries. For example, she writes erotic fan fiction, this is a way for her to put her fantasies on paper and even share them with the world and it shows that she isn’t embarrassed of that side of her. Tina’s character also challenges the ideas about nerdy girls. She doesn’t need a make over to win over the guy she is crushing on. She clearly declares, multiple times, that she will not change herself for that reason. All together her sexuality isn’t used to mock her, as we would see in most sitcoms, it is being embraced. She

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