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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if your parents owned a burger place? Well in Bob’s Burgers you are thrown into the life of Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise. I will show you why I believe that Bob’s Burgers is the best TV show ever created. To start off with, Bob and Linda Belcher are the crazy parents that encourage the misbehaved and deranged kids. They force the kids to work at their family owned restaurant, which usually leads to them messing with customers and tarnishing the business name. Linda’s past also brings in an interesting antagonist, Hugo. He is the health inspector that shuts the restaurant down and creates problems between Bob and Linda. Another, pretty biased, reason this TV show is so great is because…show more content…
Furthermore, the episodes are hilarious, and have tons of dumb as well as actually funny humor. The first episode created is a classic with the toothpicks being thrown on the ground and Tina not knowing how many there are. Another great part in when the older ladies going into the restaurant, even though the sign says the food is made with human flesh. This is leaves you with a pretty good laugh at the end of the episode. Another bizarre episode is the second one in season five, Tina and the Real Ghost. In this one, Tina falls in love with a ghost they caught in a shoe box which creates chaos all over the school. The other children are jealous and try to steal him away from her. Boyz 4 Now is an episode that I can relate to on a personal level. In this episode Tina is so obsessed with a band that she sneaks onto their tour bus and hides in a box for awhile. In conclusion, Bob’s Burgers is a great show because of the foolish characters and the absurd things they do. Actually, Bob’s Burgers isn’t just a great show, its the best show ever to be made and shown on

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