Informative Essay On Body Building

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OH MY GOD!!!!WHAT A BODY MANNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Body building is an art.It is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop once musculature.Nowadays everyone including women goes to gym to keep their body fit,six packs are not only a style for men but also it has become a part of their personality. An individual who engages in the act of bodybuilding are known as body builder. For body building ,body building training are given,in which the professional trainers trains the people. IS BODY BUILDING TRAINING IMPORTANT?? Bodybuilding training is the spark that stimulates the muscles to grow. Without it, even with the best diet in the world, muscle growth will never occur. In the most extreme, you can see hoards of marathon…show more content…
Bodybuilding demands hard-core lifting, which repeatedly stresses your muscles and joints. Unless you vary the amount and duration of your workouts, you risk over-training and breaking your body down, according to Dr. Ben Weitz in “Sports Chiropractic.” The most common bodybuilder injures are to the lower back, followed by shoulder and knee ailments. Proper lifting techniques are essential in preventing bodybuilding injuries. steroids steroids have been linked to heart disease, liver damage and atrophy of the testicles. Other supplements, including heavily caffeinated drinks, are linked to agitation, anxiety and high blood pressure. proteins and diets Many bodybuilders eat too much protein in their quest for lean muscle, go on severe diets or even deliberately dehydrate themselves in the days before a competition in order to attain the maximum amount of muscle definition. CONCLUSION Everyone especially youth is behind bodybuilding,its really good to improve muscle growth but also on the other if its not given a proper limit this can become a is just like a coin that has two dear bodybuilders,exercises and dieting are good but please don’t cross the
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