Body Cameras Advantages And Disadvantages Summary

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In the article “The use of Body Cameras by Police Departments: A Good Idea? In Time Magazine, author Carter discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using a body camera by police department. Carter mentions some researches and police officers’ opinions about the negative impact of using body cameras. The author concludes that body cameras should not be used by police departments. However, I believe that police officers should wear body cameras because it prevents excessive force and discrimination, allows to harness the technology, and is a tool for evidence gathering.
First of all, some police officers think that body cameras could affect police moral and recruitment. However, it prevents excessive force and racial discrimination. When police officers are using body cameras they have on mind the recording, so they will be conscious to behave; as a result, the excessive force and discrimination could decrease. As the author mentions that Researchers “found that officers who wore cameras used force less often…” (3). The study shows how officers are using less force with people. In
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Body cameras will help to keep records of officers. Some people say that is wasting money, as the author says that “police departments that rushed to buy them are now dealing with some unintended consequences” (3). It seems like buying the body cameras brings extra work and money. It could be true that. However, harness the technology helps to keep the officers’ recording records for years. The author mentions the experts’ recommendations that police in advance should be the person to know how to store the video and who would get to see it” (23). As an illustration, officers whom were in a grave dispute; as a result for using technology they do not have to give a writing report about what happened. Now, police department play the video easily. So, technology makes police department’s process more
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