Body Cameras Argument Analysis

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There have been many complaints about if body cameras on police officers will work or not. There are two people that have different opinions that other people that think body cameras will stop police brutality against police officers. William N. Grigg, and Joshua Krause these people think body cameras on police officers will not work, and will not stop or decrease the violence from police officers. Grigg’s argument is Their arguments are that the officers from the SDPD forgot to turn on their body cameras while on duty. A crime that happened in April, Officer Neal Browder fatally shot a 31-year-old man named Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshannehad, who had been suspected of carrying a knife. After the shooting, no weapon was found, although Rawshannehad was carrying what has been described as “a shiny looking object.”(San Diego Cops Keep Forgetting to Turn Their Body Cameras On Before Killing People - Counter Current News."…show more content…
N.p., 05 Nov. 2015. Web. 11 Nov. 2015). His argument is that the camera never caught anything or didn’t record the arrest and later on never found a weapon,but found what was a shiny looking object. Another person that opposes body cameras on police officers is Lauren C. Williams. Williams Doesn’t believe that body cameras will not stop police brutality or stop the violence, and even if it decreases the violence, it will not create legal action against the police themselves and the police department. For example, Lauren C. Williams says body cameras don’t always cause legal action between the victim and the officer being accused. This solution is invalid or ineffective because having body cameras on their officers will have more evidence on the officer doing violence to that person or civilian.(Why Body Cameras Alone Won’t Solve Our Police Abuse Problem."ThinkProgress Why Body Cameras Alone Won 't Solve Our Police Abuse Problem Comments. N.p., 19 Aug. 2014. Web.

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