Body Cameras Persuasive Essay

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“Hands up! Hands up! Drop your weapon!” A voice screams out. You are confused. You have no weapon. You turn around slowly and raise your hands. However, the sound of a shots ring through your ear, and you are pushed backwards. You feel no pain, but you see blood spreading through your shirt. Terror clouds your mind and you raise your hand and call for help. You see a police officer in front of you, but he stands there. He does nothing. Now, you have been lying there for a while, and your adrenaline is dying down. You feel like you are being engulfed in flames, and you writhe in agony on the ground, which is wet from your blood. There are many incidents similar to this one. In fact, there were 1304 Americans killed by the police in just 2015. Something needs to be done about this cruelty. Tragedies such as this one can be greatly reduced by body cameras.…show more content…
But the court expenses that decrease as a result of the body cameras will achieve a return on the investment. In San Francisco, the price for eighteen hundred cameras and a contract with the company Taser will cost at least two point four million dollars. However, the court expenses of San Francisco were 67 million dollars, most of which are the salaries of authorized positions. Since authorized positions are paid by the hour, concrete proof will drastically shorten the time spent in court.

But what some people believe is the largest issue about body cameras cannot be easily resolved. Both the police and civilians are concerned about privacy. Police departments may lose civilian trust. People are worried about some of the content captured by a body camera, such as sexual assault or domestic problems. People are worried about when officers will turn on their cameras. An officer might forget to turn their camera on during a pivotal moment. An officer could turn off their camera when another officer shoots a
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