Body Cameras Research Paper

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Are body cameras an invasion of privacy to the officers and to the public? Do they help when civilians make false accusations against officers? These are the types of questions that are frequently asked about body cameras. In today 's society, many citizens believe that the use of body cameras is in invasion of privacy, while others think they can be really helpful. The use of a body camera is very important in many different instances such as recording a crime, making a statement about an event that just occurred, or as evidence against suspects. By publishing the recorded video to the public, it could potentially violate personal privacy; keeping it private raises concerns about the deceitfulness of the police ("Police Cameras"). This is why body cameras are extremely controversial in our society. Even though body cameras can potentially seem like an invasion of privacy to the public, they can help with clarifying evidence and showing the humane side of the police force. Body cameras are a vital piece of equipment for law enforcement and play an essential…show more content…
While body cameras can provide many benefits to law enforcement, they aren 't cheap to own. A body camera can cost anywhere between $120-$2,000 depending on the storage capacity, types of functions, and battery life. Law enforcement agencies also have to cover the costs that come with storing the recorded data, which can be even more costly than the camera. The cost of the footage depends on how many videos are produced, how long the videos are stored, and where the videos are stored. If the footage is stored on an in-house sever, meaning kept within the department, the cost goes up due to needing to purchase computer equipment and employing technical staff to ensure the video footage is secure. The storage price can be lowered if the department uses on online database, such as iCloud, to store the footage because the payment goes to a third party vendor that manages the data and provides other services
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