Body Cameras Should Be Banned

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Imagine this you are a young police officer working night shift and you see a car traveling at a high rate of speed down a back road, so you turn your car around and give chase. As you get closer to the car, they pull over, they get out, and they run off, so you get out of your car and run after them. As you are running after him, you see the flash of a handgun. You draw your gun and shoot back hitting the assailant. Fast forward a few months, you are in court trying to prove that what you had done was justified. Your case would be great if you had a body camera, but your department does not issue body cameras. Now, people are second guessing everything you have done. Unfortunately, this kind of thing has been happening all across our country. With all the advances in technology, people are starting to video police more and more every day. The only way…show more content…
They are a good training tool because young officers will be able to see how to act when certain things happen. Body cameras will also show them how not to act. Body cameras can also help officers see things they may have done wrong. This will allow him or her to stay safe and learn from their mistakes, and in turn this will keep them safe. A good police officer knows that you should always train and try to make yourself better. Another and probably one of the greatest advantages of the cameras is that they show what the officers see. Seeing what the officer sees will allow people to see into an officer's daily life. Many people do not know what a police officer deals with on a day to day basis. Some people even act like there is no bad in this world. Being able to see what police officers see could change some people's view on police officers and what they do for a living. People would see all the sad and happy things that police see. With that all being said, they could still be used to clear a police officer of any
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