Body Image Of Beauty

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Today, many young women are faced with the dreadful pressure imposed by the unregulated modeling and advertising industries that are promoting unrealistic body images. Our society is swamped with images of the “perfect body”, with the use of Photoshop and ultra-thin female models, to which many teenagers want to conform to. Because of the urge to reach the unachievable body stereotype, more regulations of the modeling and advertising industry should therefore be made, in order to protect the most vulnerable teenagers, affected both psychologically and physically.

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Although it is fair to believe that the modeling and advertising industry possibly harm many teenagers’ physical and psychological
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Many teenagers are forced to give in to this “ideal beauty”, in order to fit in society. Thus, it is important to have more strict regulations in the advertising industry to help girls to deconstruct the manipulated and distorted advertising and media images. In fact, the concept of beauty is source of inequality between individuals. A women who is young and beautiful would be more successful in life, socially and professionnally. On the contrary, “ugly” women would be left out of society, in all aspects. This creates jealousy and rivalry of power, especially between teenagers, based on the differences in beauty. The judgement of others hence, has a crucial influence on one’s personal opinion; beauty being unchangeable, it is the decisions of each one of us, that are at the center of discriminations and changes in society. Some teenagers are ridiculed if they are not as slim as the ideal female of today. Many are excluded from the fashion trends, and by consequence, are excluded from the group, because they are of larger size. Moreoever, some “trendy” boutiques do not sell clothes bigger than a certain size. This is a discriminatory practice, which tells women that curves are not allowed. Studies shows that failure to conform to the “trended” beauty of the era and exposure to these “unrealistic” images reduces body-related self-esteem in mostly in teenagures…show more content…
A meta-analysis of data from 25 studies found that this effect was most pronounced in adolescents and in participants who valued thinness.9 Body-related self-esteem is particularly pertinent in young models as it relates to their career success. Criticism, teasing and bullying focused on food, weight and shape issues increase the risk of developing an eating disorder. Fashion models are frequently judged and evaluated on these domains and critical and hostile comments, under the guise of professional development, will increase the risk of developing eating
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