Body Image And Social Media

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Abstract: This project was based on body image and social media. There are several articles which state that social media plays a huge role in the influence of young adults and the way they see themselves. The reason i did this is to show the impact either being negative or positive on the understandings of body image on young adults and that social media plays a role. The research methods used were primary and secondary as i need existing data as well as gathering new data, both were qualitative research. In this project there was an interview on a school teacher that was taken in consideration. In this report i displayed a survey and interview that was used to gather results on this subject. The survey was given online which was easier for…show more content…
I have chosen this topic because most young adults compare themselves to celebrities on social media, but they shouldn't be doing that as everyone is unique. Body image affects a lot of adolescents in today's society and that has driven me to undergo research for this topic. Body image is how an individual physically and mentally thinks of themself as for example weight and your clothing size. Body image is mostly about your physical activity and how much you do but, things can get in the way of that for example peer pressure, family and social media. Social media is a big influence as a lot of young adults want to look like a certain person for example Vogue Models. These women are very skinny and can affect other young adults to look that certain way. Young adults may want to start engaging in unhealthy eating habits and may even starve themselves. Overall, a person’s body image is the way people distinguish the exterior of their body but, others may view you differently which can be negative or positive. My research focus is roles individuals adopt within…show more content…
There are three articles that will be discussed in the literature review which all consist of body image and how social media affects the way young adults think and see themself as. The first article ‘youth body image concerns worsen’ : study explains that in Australia there has been an increasing trend of body image and how adolescents think of themselves. Issues like bullying, drugs and alcohol and crime are no match for the top position of body image. Body image issues affect both genders but, women are the main concern while men are more towards drugs and alcohol. The article is not biased as it shows the effect of body image for both genders. Adolescence is challenging at times, which can cause a young adult to question themself. The second article ‘Social media can damage body image’ explains the positive and negatives about social media and the way adolescence can approach it. Social media creates high expectations and pressure as people who use social media are often likely to have issues with their body image. Magazines and television commercials with thin women and muscular men displays that people feel disappointed about

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