Body Image In Disney Movies

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The female body portrayed in Disney movies, highly depends on the socio- cultural believes of how women’s form should look like in the certain period of time (Herbozo et al., 2014). Disney Princesses are representations of Western ideas of a beautiful woman, such as: slim, attractive, and young. The body image of each princess is idealized, where the lead female character has small waits, full bust, and delicate face features (England et al., 2011). For example, because of Cinderella’s small and delicate feet, her identity could have been revealed, and thus this helped her to find the price (Do Rozario, 2004). In the first era, the female beauty was summarized through hair, lips, and being able to sing and dance. For instance, princess Aurora…show more content…
The ear is characterized by the females being more provocative, and sexualized. The perfect example here is Ariel, who moves and sings in a suggestive manner (Stover, 2013; Chrismanna, 2016 ). Her consume is very skimpy, as she only wears seashell, strapless bra. Also, her body is the only thing she has to attract her love, because while meeting Prince Eric, she does not have a voice. She portrays many traditional feminine body features, such as lustrous hair, which never get messy, even in the water; her eyes are very big, and nose is slim. Also, even though she engages in physical activities, her arms are slender and not muscly. As for Pocahontas, the princess “has a Barbie doll body, tall, with long legs and arms, huge breasts, and a tiny waist” (Aidman, 1999, p.4). Even though, the second era still puts an emphasis on stereotypical, and traditional beauty features, it incorporates new traits. The princesses not only move with feminine grace, but also with a grace of a sportswomen. For example, Ariel saved her prince from the water. Pocahontas demonstrated athletic features though jumping over waterfalls and running across the country (Whelan, 2012). When it comes to Mulan, she fought in the war equal with other man, and eventually she saves her lover’s life and the country (Johnson,
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