Body Image In The Media

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According to Cash & Pruzinsky’s (2002) study, the body image refers to how individuals think, feel, and behave with respect to their physical attributes of weight, body shape, size, and appearance. Thus, in this study, key themes such as confidence level, behaviour, and personal thoughts were highlighted. Giving the answer to RQ3 which asks how satisfied or dissatisfied are gym goers towards their body image, from the field observation results, the “fit” male participants were overflowing with confidence as they wore as little clothing as possible to show off their muscles, especially those who had no problem at all walking around shirtless. They were clearly satisfied and more comfortable than ever in their own skin. They are also well aware that their bodies…show more content…
Gym goers are exposed to the media such as fitness maagzines, the television, newspapers, and the internet. This brings us back to the research topic, to examine the effect of body image portrayal in the media. During the interviews, all three participants agree that the portrayal of body image in the media affects its audience. The audience feel the need to change their body image to follow the “trends” set by the media. Participant C also mentioned that “fat” people often get teased because they are not what the media depicts to be “attractive”. This shows that such portrayal can change the perception of its audience to be slightly prejudice against “fat” people. Participant B referred to the “best” body as the body that is most lean and healthy. Participant C explained that her definition of a “hot body” is to be slim and toned with a large pair breasts and a curvy rear. These perceptions have been shaped by the portrayal of body image in the media, telling them how what attractive people should look like. Subconsciously, this has been imprinted at the back of their
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