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The rise in body image issues amongst women is growing and as much as we would like to deny this fact, it is true. There has been “significant increase in men and women having cosmetic surgery; over twenty million cosmetic procedures were performed worldwide in 2014, 87 per cent women” (Grogan 1). It is a fact that women tend to have more issues with their appearances than men and one must being to ask why? Is it our culture, the media or is it just personal problems that have nothing to do with the society we live in today? All these questions are worth asking because to solve a problem we must address the root of that problem. Researches have been done to understand these issues and “it has been the media contribute to body image dissatisfaction…show more content…
“girls and women typically acculturated to internalized an observer’s perspective as a primary view of their physical selves. This perspective on self can lead to habitual body monitoring, which, in turn, can increase women’s opportunities for shame and anxiety” (Hall, “Body image and Feminism”). The effects of having body image issues can be dangerous as Hall explains. Of course, culture also contributes to the many causes of Body image issues. Body objectification that comes from our culture. We have a culture that sexualizes women, pushing them to be more cautious about their about how they look. Some women are obsessed with the use makeup not because they like it for themselves but also because they don’t feel comfortable with been seen without it. “Liberals call for equal rights for women, traditional Marxists for the entry of women into production on equal footing with men, the socialization of housework, and proletarian revolution; neither calls for the deconstruction of the categories of masculinity and femininity” (Bartky…show more content…
According to Bartky when women watching themselves and are constantly worried about how they look or if they are appealing enough to the public eyes we are just subjecting ourselves to the obedience to patriarchy (42). Feminism is about having control and eradicating the idea that men are superior. In the sense that, some women worry about their appearances but it is on the idea of ‘how do these men find my body? Am I attractive enough, am I too old, do I have wrinkles, or eyebags’ and it is a fact that males worry less about their looks. “surveys show that women generally have higher levels of body dissatisfaction than men” (Grogan 1). Why are women subject to answering to men, or thinking our bodies are subject to their fantasies. Do not get me wrong, feminism has carried out large steps in bringing to light the objectification on women “in 1914, the right to ignore fashion was included in the list of demands for gender quality in the United States. Feminists of the 1960s and 1970s critiqued the notion that women should constantly seek to improve their bodies.” (Hall, “Body image and Feminism”). Now we need more than just criticism, we are now in need for actions to be taken to protect the growing young females that protect them from being subject to patriarchy. Request by feminist of governments to take the

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