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Body image has become a huge trend created by the social media in the past few years for both men and women. Getting the ideal body shape flaunted by movie /TV stars and models has become a new trend from the past few years. And to achieve these targets men and women undergo crash diets, appetite control or excessive intake of protein and even drugs to reach their ideal body shape. On the basis of theories and values of functionalism I would like to talk about my picture and explain how the media has dictated and played a negative role in sowing the seed of body image consciousness in our minds and how it has impacted our society as a whole in a negative manner. " Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. " -john F kennedy. Physical fitness is the most essential thing for both men and women in their life. A minimum of thirty minutes of exercise every day can combat many health conditions and disease, Improvise your mood, boosts your energy, prompts better sleep and even improves your sex drive. These are a few benefits of exercising every day in our day to day lives. But when our media portrays highly ripped muscular male and female…show more content…
To under go this type of training it is not easy for working professionals and students, as it needs a lot of time and dedication and it is not easy to do so by working or studying full time. But who does not want to look like models who come on our television sets. so both men and women have got into this run of getting their bodies ripped to become hot and sexy. In this process many fail to understand the difference between different body types and metabolisms of different individuals, and end up following the wrong methods which are not suitable for their

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