Body Image Stereotypes

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There is one major problem in society. Do you know what it is? Have you ever heard of the word or saying Body Image? The stereotypes society put on people around society, especially women. That you have to look like Barbie or Victoria 's secret model to be welcome in this society. I strongly believe that these stereotypes should be nothing more than stereotypes. Here are my reasons why: first how it affects women in everyday life, how the song Pretty Hurts has an in-depth meaning, and lastly how society doesn’t see what they 're doing is wrong, but when something happens to the victim will they care then? capitals Everyone has their own imperfections. So why gloat about others? Body image is affecting women 's everyday lives. By gloating about other’s imperfections, you could cause them to affect their well-being and even cause them to have mental health issues. People all around society bully people verbally and physically, just because they think they look wrong and they don 't fit in society. In fact in New Zealand, we are one of the top countries to…show more content…
This is one of the lyrics in the Pretty Hurts music video, directed by Melina Matsoukas that really touched my heart. It is basically Beyonce saying that being perfect is hard to do or hard to be. Beyonce being a contestant in a pageant during the music video you see Beyonce forcing herself to spew. The girl next to her in the bathrooms eating cotton balls and then spewing. You can even see people not even eating because, if there an inch over weight they will not be able to compete in the pageant. Do you see how unhealthy and bad this is for women 's health? As the music video escalates Beyonce shows us in words and with the music video, that there is a better lifestyle every woman should lead and worship. As the quote goes ¨You left a shattered mirror and the shards of a beautiful girl¨, In the end, itś no longer shards, itś just a big shiny mirror with no cracks or
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