BIW: The Stage In Automotive Design

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Body in white or BIW refers to the stage in automotive design or automobile manufacturing in which a car body's sheet metal components have been welded together but before moving parts (doors, hoods, and deck lids as well as fenders) the motor, chassis sub-assemblies, or trim (glass, seats, upholstery, electronics, etc.) have been added and before painting.

The body shop area, responsible for the body-in-white assembly and its subassemblies, has a special responsibility to guarantee final dimensional geometry of the automobile, what it makes possible the final assembly of the mechanic, trim, comfort and safety components with worldwide class of quality. The great operations diversity in the body shop process
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The test planning includes the selection of target mode shape (the boundary conditions, the frequency range, and the relevant mode shapes are to be determined), selection of measurement degrees of freedom, and selection of exciter degrees of freedom. Then, different preliminary studies with impact hammer and modal exciters are performed to investigate the real behavior of the BIW. In experimental modal analysis, the analysis of the acquired test data is conducted by two completely different identification algorithms, one working in the time domain (polyreference) and one working in the frequency domain (direct parameter estimation). The identified sets of modal data are subsequently correlated, allowing for an assessment of the individual quality of the measured Eigen frequencies, mode shapes, etc. This is of particular importance for subsequent model validation, since only experimental results with sufficient quality should be used. The analysis result is then undergoing the initial correlation for evaluating model quality before running the sensitivity analysis and remodeling and performing computational model updating on the…show more content…
• Comparison Experimental Modal Analysis and Finite Element Method –– Maximum 30% error value of natural frequency - Correlation. – Natural Frequency from FEM higher than Natural Frequency from EMA.
• Model Updating – 2 parameter were selected : the dynamic modulus of BIW structure, E and mass density of BIW structure, 
• Structural Dynamics Modification - Error reduce to maximum 5%.

This research could be accomplished successfully within the time frame. All the methods used in experimental and simulation study are feasible. The result obtained can be used as a reference for further research.


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