Body-Kinesthetic Assessment

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In this virtual lab, we were asked to complete an assessment to find developmental strengths and weaknesses. This assessment is comprised of 56 questions that are intended for the adult population. The questions in the assessment are based on eight different categories: linguistic, logical-mathematical, music, body-kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal-social, interpersonal self, and nature. After taking my assessment, my top three areas of intelligence are social 4.71, musical 4.29, and self at 3.86.
I think my results are accurate and I was not surprised at my results at all. The results that I received are a good representation of who I am and where I am in my life right now. The descriptions of the intelligences fit my talents and interests. For example, under the heading of social I do enjoy participating in group discussions and group learning activities. In addition, the high and low factors did make sense to me. However, in terms of ones of my lowest scores which was in nature many of the questions consisted of two parts which greatly affected my answer. In one part of the question I
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My two lowest scores are in body movement and logic/math. In terms of body movement, if I had the opportunity to teach other individuals who already have these strengths I would teach the class outdoors while walking to intensify the learning process. People who score highly in this category like to be active. So I think that teaching a class outside and gathering ideas during a walk would elevate the learning process. If I had the opportunity to teach students in the areas of logic/math I would play word games with them. I would put words on the board or on blocks and have they guess the meaning and origin of the particular word. This activity should promote student engagement, stimulate critical thinking, and encourage deductive
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