Body Language: The Three Main Types Of Body Movements

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Body Language
Body language refers to movements or positions of the body that express person’s thoughts or feelings. Body language is basically communication without words so it can also be said as nonverbal communication. It is believed that verbal communication makes only fifty percent of what you want to communicate and the rest of information is communicated via non-verbal communication through the use of voice, facial expression, eye contact, gestures, and how we stand. Body movements can be used to reinforce or emphasize what a person is saying and also offer information about the emotions and attitudes of a person. However, it is also possible for body movements to conflict with what is said. Postures reflect emotions, attitude, and
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Your best bet is to know about some of the body-language pits you can fall into and how to avoid them.
Main types of body languages
Body language is the most important aspect of face-to-face communication. Anything we say can be enhanced or undermined by how we sit or stand or how we move our eyes. If we look bored then the audience will also get bored by seeing our body language.
The purpose of any face-to-face communication is to engage the people we are talking to. They will then listen to what we have to say. If our body language is right, they will already be persuaded that we are worth listening to.
There are three main types of body
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• One should always thank the judge in the end for his or her consideration to remarks.
Effective body language at trial It is always critical for trial lawyers to use calm, natural and confident body language before judges and juries. According to Joseph Y. Ahmad a Houston lawyer, a lawyer doesn’t need to roll his eyes, shake his head and look exasperatedly at the testimony. If individual gives the impression like this to the jury then they pay double attention, so it’s better to maintain posture and be cool. The best way lawyer should carry himself in the heat of trial are:
• Act Natural
Theatrical arm gestures and other attention-drawing movements can create the impression that an attorney is trying to sell something to the jury, rather than simply relying on the truth instead, it is best to act naturally in the way that does not put jury to sleep. Acting natural also means maintaining eye contact and not speaking while seeing down at the notepad. So it is important to act naturally and have normal conversational eye contact.
• Slow

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