Body Language: The Importance Of Communicative Communication

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Today, we learn at least two foreign languages in our lives for different purposes. Generally, our main purpose is to communicate with other people. We can come across different opportunuties in life. For example, we can take visas from varied countries. That’s why we have to learn their languages to communicate with people living there. Mainly, we need to learn how to communicate. Communicative competence is crucial in language learning since learners should express their thoughts in real life situations,they should see what they 've learnt by speaking and beside language learning, learners become more social people in their daily lives.
There are skills that are needed to enable the learners to communicate what important role in expressing feelings. We can say a lot of things by using our body language appropriately.For
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So, by telling something directly and using our body language we can convey our opinions.
Communicative competence is kind of like the performing of the grammatical knowledge. “Grammatical competence was a part of communicative competence.” (Lock, 1996, p.226) Therefore, to obtain an impressive communication skill, people should be carefull to grammar due to these following reasons: First, grammar is extremely important because it may help enhance accuracy. Marcel (1853) highlights this point in his book. He clarifies how grammar develops accuracy in communication as “it forms the mind to habits of order and cleaness; concurrently with logic and rhetoric, it accustoms learners to
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