Body Modifications In Ancient Egypt

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Since the era of Ancient Egypt, tattoos and body modifications are a frequent theme throughout the course of history. It symbolizes the fundamental core of a community and the beliefs that make up their people. Yet, like time itself that core changes and subjected to the pressures of the world. Nothing can stay the same forever and the people who cling to the old times close themselves to the community around them; by incense, they lose the very meanings of their body modifications. The traditions of body alterations were established as great importance within ancient tattoo communities. Traditions keeps a community together, it unites the people and gives them a purpose. As such, tattoos and body modifications were a tradition that symbolized…show more content…
With their traditions banned, the only option given was to integrate into their colonisers beliefs. However, when the countries were freed, many people were dependant. Years of abuse was drilled into their head and many of their traditions and resources were stripped away from them. When they did receive their freedom, they had no idea what to do with it. Colonialism is a form of imperialism based on a divine mandate and designed to bring liberation - spiritual, cultural, economic and political - by sharing the blessings of the Christ-inspired civilization of the West with a people suffering under satanic oppression, ignorance and disease, effected by a combination of political, economic and religious forces that cooperate under a regime seeking the benefit of both ruler and ruled. Colonization has forever changed the prospection on tattoos and the people of the colonized countries. It left a lasting impression on the tattoo communities that are still prevalent in modern…show more content…
Yet, a difference can be made in small ways and change will come with it. Tattoos are a taboo subject in many countries around the world as it is associated with gangs and hooligans. However, the idea comes from the lack of education involving the history of tattoos and their natives. Tattoos are rich in history and tell the story of a culture. They were once highly regarded by the people in the past and children need to be taught from a young age not to judge. Schools need to include the natives and their body modifications in history to teach kids to respect it early. Education is important so no prejudgements are made. Within the tattoo and body modification communities themselves, change needs to occur within regards of perspective. Time will continue to change and the elders need to learn to adapt to it. The youth should be able to make their own decisions and choose for themselves if they want a tattoo. They should not be forced into it or they will be persistent to refuse. A tattoo should be treated as sacred, yet it should never be forced. The ancient tattoo communities will only survive if they open their minds and learn to adapt. Otherwise if they do not, generations of this ancient art will be lost

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