Body Paragraph Outline

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Argumentative Outline Honors
Which trait most drives character action?
Select the strongest trait observed in class texts
Identify 3 characters who most clearly show the use of that trait
Evidence must come from three texts
Find one piece of evidence for each character that shows that trait
Introduction Paragraph
Opening (2 sentences):Crafting Cool Leads handout
What traits most affect how a character in a novel acts, thinks, or behaves in a specific way?
Main Idea of Body Paragraphs:Introduce 3 characters
Mitty Blake, Yetta, and Todd Beamer display many character traits in their specific novels that send them into action. A particular trait emerges out overhead all the others.

CLAIM Statement:
Of all the character traits, bravery most influences
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Body Paragraph 2, about character 2
Topic Sentence:Introduce/connect character to claim
The bravery of a young immigrant girl saves many lives from a burning shirtwaist factory.

Phrase preparing for the Evidence to come (Integrating Quotes POD):
Yetta, from Uprising by Margaret Haddix, performs an act of bravery in a blazing fire:

Evidence -”direct quote” w/ Parenthetical Documentation (Author #):
“‘Somebody has to tell the ninth floor!’ She screamed back. ‘I have to!’ She turned around and began clattering up the stairs” (Haddix 276).

Tell what emotions the character is experiencing to show this trait:
Yetta wants to save her friends and fellow workers and is scared for their lives.

Tell how this evidence shows the trait (define trait through the character’s actions):
Yetta is willing to go higher into the fire in the building, risking her own life, to save others.

Tell the action this creates for future events. Tell the wider effects this trait causes:
Yetta gives her life but more people escape the burning building safety than would
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He doesn’t want hundreds of people to die along with him.

Tell how this evidence shows the trait (define trait through the character’s actions):
The terrorists arm knives and their plan might not ever work, but they need to try to attack them and take them down.

Define how the use of the trait is unique in this text:
Not all people would have the bravery and guts to stand up to armed, foreign, terrorists.

Tell the action this creates for future events. What wider effects does this trait cause:
Flight 93 crashed down into an empty field and no other people besides the passengers were killed.

Transition sentence -connect this character to the upcoming counterclaim:
Bravery is represented by these characters, but Honorable/Noble could also drive characters into action, like Todd Beamer doing what is right in taking down the terrorists.

Body Paragraph 4
Counterclaim (opposing - side fact): Another trait
Another trait that could drive characters into action Honorable/Noble. This trait drives characters to be do what is right or moral. Other people might believe that this is the trait that most drives character action because doing what is right drives action from the
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