Body Politics Essay

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Body politics actually refers to the practices and policies through which power is named, it is regulated, and negotiated on and through the body. As this become even more important to our culture and becoming more and more linked and connected with one another. This causes challenges between the rules and also norms to one another. Studying gender differences, racial differences, and other social constructs that define our cultures which brings better understanding to globalisation as well as to our cultures. Gender and Race differences are could be the most talked about and discuss matter, because both gender and race can be involve with anyone around the world. It can be everything from the way we walk, our gestures, our speech, physical…show more content…
It is something like involving many groups of individual with different religious background. Ethnic identity includes three things which are “self-identification,knowledge about the ethnic culture(traditions, customs, values, and behaviours) and feelings about belonging to a particular” ethnic group.(Intercultural Communication Process,pp 160). Ethnicity is not all about a person’s race it is about the religion, believes, culture and so on. For an example if we gather up people that look like Chinese probably Chinese, Japanese and Nepali each from their country., that would be hard to perceive from which country they are originated from. As we can say that all of them have the same physical appearances, but still that does not describe their ethnicity. But only we gave them appropriate items that resembles their culture such as their traditional cloths or something that identify them, probably in this way it definitely will be much more easier to identify their country of origin or where are they originally from. Besides that ethnicity is not only about every individual’s traditions, behaviours or customs, learning where we come from also played a very important part for each and every individuals, and in a way honouring the traditions or believes and followings that are portion of our region our identifications. An ethic group or ethnicity is defined as the category of people they identify one another by their cultural beliefs or even socially amongst each
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