Body Scanners Advantages And Disadvantages

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Full Body Scanner:

The advantages: ( for organization )
1. Reveal hidden weapons which it may be a threat to the organization and people around the airport.
2. Scanner reveal metallic and non-metallic for example knife, machete which may harm the citizen of aiport.
3. Scanner will make terrorist attack more difficult, increase the safety of aiport.
4. In order to avoid citizen protest ,outlines can be obscured to protect privacy.
5. Full body scanners are less intrusive than pat-downs.

The disadvantages: ( for organization )
1. Scanner do not reveal things in body cavities which may harm the aiport with hidden weapon.
2. Scanners do not reveal low-denisty items very well which the items could harm the aiport.
3. Body scanners at airports violate privacy, the feedback Is loaded with all protest to the airport.
4. Airport body scanners violate cultural sensitivities which is bad for the aiport.
5. Full body scanners are very expensive, is not all airport could afford it.

Full-Body Scanner:
The way it works:
Whole body scanners provide a picture of the person 's body through the clothes to reveal hidden objects. Four technologies are currently on the market:
1. Passive scanners detect the very low levels of natural radiation emanating from the body surface.
2. Active scanners emit radio waves that are reflected back by the body surface. X-ray scanner.
3. Backscatter scanners emit low energy X-rays that are reflected back by the body surface.
4. Transmission scanners send
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