Body Shock Half Ton Son Film Analysis

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Obesity is one of the biggest problems facing America today. The story of Billy Robins, the worlds fattest teenager is just one story of obesity. According to the CDC more that one third of US adults have obesity. The documentary Body Shock Half Ton Son shows us that this is not just a physical problem it is a physiological as well as sociological problem. There are so many driving factors that have developed this problem and as we discussed in class may possible ideas to possible attack the root of the problem.
One of the causes for obesity is the overabundance of fast food and processes food. The idea of people cooking a healthy home cooked meal seems to be lost. I hear so many people say they are unable to cook because no one ever taught them. In my opinion it’s an excuse” I can’t be bothered to learn when stopping at McDonalds is easier.” It seems that those who do cook at home are not really cooking. They are buying processed meals are reheating them. This is not only easier it cheaper.
The obesity issue is not evenly distributed threw out it is majorly affecting the
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Stress and depression can lead to more junk food eating as a coping mechanism. As we seen in the documentary Billy really seemed to be struggling with depression. The entire family seemed to be suffering with depression. The mother was compensating with her loss of her first son by basically giving Billy everything he asked for. The father seemed to be completely detached from the situation. Depression affects people in different ways. When it comes to coping I truly believe it comes down to how you were raised. Was food uses as a negative or positive relationship. When you were said did your parents say “Go exercise it will increase your endorphins and make you happy” No, chances are there was a cookie or a bowl of ice cream there as compensation for your woes. Food was conditioned as fast reward and pleasure feeling way to deal with

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