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I. Body Composition Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the energy needed to fuel basic activities in my body. Based on the result of my body composition analysis, my BMR is 5347kJ or 1278 kcal. The result is also seen using Harris and Benedict equation as it shows that my basal energy expenditure is 1372.144 kcal, which is a close estimation to the acquired measurement. Using my BMR measurement, the total daily calories that I need is 1,757.25 Calories (BMR * 1.375). Lean Body Mass (LBM) or Fat Free Mass (FFM) is the measurement of the body components except fats. According to my result, my FFM is 89.6 lb. My FFM shows that my protein intake should be in the range of 44.8 g -89 6 grams, which I achieved based on my nutrients report (82 grams). This is important as proteins assist in maintaining lean body mass. My measured fat is 31.8 lb and my fat percent is 26.2%. Using the Garrow and Webster equation, I got 31.4 lb and 25% for measured fat and fat percent, respectively, which are both close estimations to my result. My result demonstrates that my fat percent is higher than normal (18-23%). Since I did not exceed the 30%, definition of obesity, this suggests that my fat percentage fall in the range of people who are overweight. Therefore, I need to…show more content…
I considered my activity light because I do not go to the gym to exercise, but I walk a lot not only to go from one class to the next, but I also commute from my house to UCLA, which requires me to walk for a long distance to reach the station. Therefore, my BMR multiplied by light activity equals to 1,757.25 Calories. According to my nutrition report, the average calories that I ate for three days is 1411 Calories. This means that I ate less calories than I should need to maintain my weight. However, since I want to reduce my weight, then the number of calories that I ate seems sufficient to achieve my target weight of around 115

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