Myth Of Rugby

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Louis Masset
Michael Sherman Rugby’s Football’s HIstory and secrets.

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Body - History, Myth

Body - Is William Webb Ellis’s story true?

Body - Where did Rugby spread?

Body - Rules and separation



Rugby football, better known as only rugby is a sport played across the world which has gained popularity over the years. Some games even go on the news which shows how incredible it was. But when did it all start. Most people says it all started in Rugby school but however over the years we have discovered that it didn't only start there. Why is this such a puzzle for all historians? (Histoire du rugby)How did it gain popularity, what is the relationship between rugby and american football, why and how did it evolve in the century it gained popularity in the years. In this essay i will investigate the roots of rugby history and resolve the mysteries of its history.

B. Body
The legend has it that during a football game at halftime William Webb Ellis, a student of Rugby college and future pastor, carried in his arms the ball behind the goal line when the tradition was to push it with his
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It is of course not a lie but the lie or misunderstanding is that most people say that Mr Ellis “Invented” Rugby football which is not true.(Rayner The telegraph) He did play a really big part in the making of the rules of Rugby Football but it originated way back in the days in france. As Some studies claim the ancestor of rugby is “the Soule” or sioule, sport very practiced in France since the Middle Ages. (La Soule. WIki)The Soule has common characteristics with rugby, as knappan in Wales, Cornwall and hurling in Ireland, the calcio in Italy, which have emerged at the same time. But those games were quickly extinguished in the late eighteenth century, unlike the “football” that has found refuge in the English
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