Body Without Soul Kathryn Davis Analysis

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When I decided to read Body-Without-Soul by Kathryn Davis, I was in a place where I couldn't read the original to get some context. To be honest, I enjoyed this interpretation so I didn't need context as mush as I would have liked to have it. At first as I read, I underlined, the two "I think"s on the first page. The reason — seeing two "I think"s near each other distracted me, making not want to listen to the narrator because that are uncertain of the story that are writing about. However, continuing I pondered, "Who is this narrator?" I have a theory about the sorcerer Body-Without-Soul was telling the tale, but I'll admit to not having a concrete reason why I believed this theory.

Before getting to the part where Mary said, "[she] was kidnapped" I predicted she would be kidnapped. I made my prediction a little earlier than it happened, but I still predicted a kidnapping either way. On page 339, the narrator said, "—and the next minute she was gone." After reading that line, I guessed she was run over or kidnapped because of the mentioning of the car. Still, I made strange conclusions, but only since she disappeared abruptly; I had to create some crazy reasons why she would disappear.
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Anyway, I underlined this line because I didn't like it abruptness, but I realized that was done on purpose. The ending when it said he was an old man drove that point because all of a sudden everyone died; the cat, the corner. When did they all die when they were alive, no too long ago? In addition to the idea of no time stems from when he was at the estate and it turned to night without him noticing. Even though, the story explained the reasoning as daylight saving, I don't see the loss of time as a
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