Bodybuilder Persuasive Research Paper

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Thesis: Bodybuilder competitor should not take steroids , They should compete being all natural.

Using steroids can be bad for you.Steroids could give you heart attack and beating someone who is all natural is not fair because you had to use a drug just to win. taking steroids is cheating. Don't cheat by using steroids , do the right thing and be normal. Competing on a bodybuilding show being all natural shows the hard work you had put into it without using a drug. By doing this , you will be able to feel good about yourself and step on the stage and show off your natural body. You don't need steroids to build muscle. By working hard in the gym and working out smart ,you tear the muscle fiber and you will grow with the right nutrition. By doing this, you will be able to burn fat while building muscle mass and be in a healthy life, instead of being on a drug that will kill you.When you stop taking steroids you won't be able to maintain all that muscle mass you made , your muscle will decrease and it
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for example; someone might ask you a question and you will give them an attitude. you wont be able to control your attitude. Steroids affect males differently than females. The drugs produce different side effects in different people. many of the changes produced by steroids are simply amplifying what occurs naturally within the bodies of all people. For example, all men have breasts, but the use of steroids can cause them to become enlarged beyond what is considered normal. some of the negative effects from using steroids include bloating and acne. The steroid user may gain weight, but some of this is attributed to water retention and bloating. Steroids also affect the heart. The heart is a muscle, and steroid usage can causes changes in the heart. One of these changes is a decrease in HDL cholesterol and an increase in LDL cholesterol, resulting in overall raised
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