Bodybuilders Persuasive Speech

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I'm spilling the beans. Today you're going learn a bunch of dirty little secrets about the health and fitness industry that the top CEO's don't want you to know plus a bonus section about fitness trainers.

Now most of the guys (and gals) who make multiple millions to billions of dollars in the health and fitness industry don't want you to know the things I'm going to be sharing today because it's shining a light on how they actually operate.

Your ignorance is how they make their money. If I had only one sentence, to sum up, it's this "you don't need any of their crap to look fit and feel better than you ever have before."

Let's get into some of the specifics. As we go through this you will no doubt notice something familiar.
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The mindset of a competitor is completely different from that of a girl trying to fit into a smaller dress size. One is thinking about winning, the other is focused on image.

Someone like Schwarzenegger back in the heyday was focused on the"winning" because they're competing. Because of this difference in mindset, and my personal experience with training clients, I recommend that people just stay with a routine and focus on moderate and proper weight training. Top it off with proper dieting and you've got the formula for a sexy physique.

Here's a real dirty secret that gyms, in particular, don't want you to know: gyms sell you gym memberships but they hope that you actually don't use them. Just like they try to fill up their gyms with simple aerobic classes because they don't cost the gym hardly anything and they're a cash cow.

I know many women don't have the time but the real truth is (and I'm kind of scared to say this because it might prevent you from reading) that you need to take advantage of gyms more. I'm not advocating you go every day to the gym, however. Later on, I'm going to give you step-by-step plans you can take to minimize your gym time actually. And this leads me to my next big myth busting fact.

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