Bodybuilding Training Plan Paper

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Preparing for a bodybuilding contest requires a calculated organized plan of training. Dividing training into periods of time will avoid muscle adaptations and maximize growth, and help sculpture the body into an appealing physique. This short paper will provide a periodization training program for an athlete preparing for bodybuilding contest. According to an article written by Greg Merritt, in Joe Weider’s Flex magazine, there are five ways of periodization to maximize growth using Hardgainer’s Ultimate Growth Enhancement System (H.U.G.E.™). Five workout phases (Strength, Priority, Variety, Coasting and Marking with a period) focuses primarily on muscle growth, lowering body fat, and building strength. The athlete being trained is named…show more content…
A light intensity of 45-60 minutes before his first meal of the day. Then, after his last meal, conduct medium intensity of 20-30 low-impact cardio to maintain a high metabolism. A great example of impact-cardio is stairmaster and incline treadmill. Prior to the cardio, during any day of the week, 3 separate ab workouts will be performed for 3-4 sessions. As stated earlier, this program will provide two 1 week workout routines and that will alternate different exercise routines. There will be different repetition ranges, intensity and sets dependent upon the exercise and target muscle. For example, the first week will have a lower intensity of 12- to 20 repetitions for 4 sets with 45 seconds to 1 minute rest between sets and week two will have a high-intensity of 6-10 repetitions for 4 sets with a longer rest period. Adjustments will be made as the weeks progress, specifically to muscles, or body parts that need more thickness or…show more content…
Therefore, besides weight training, cardio and abdominal exercises, the most important method of lowering fat is a strict diet and the appropriate amount of supplementation. To lower Kody’s total body fat a high protein diet and lowering of carbohydrate is necessary. Kody’s meal plan will consist of five to six meals per day with breakfast, pre-workout meals, post-workout meals, afternoon meals, snack, and dinner. His macro count will be based on carbohydrate cycling. Five regular days of roughly 250g of protein, 130g of carbohydrates, and 30g of fat. Wednesday and Sunday are refeeding days; carbohydrate will increase to 160 grams, fats 40 grams and protein stays at 250g. His total calorie intake is between 2500-2700. Adjustments may be made after each assessments and peak week of the competition. Last but not least, Kody will consume daily multiple vitamin, B complex, fish oil, glutamine and branched chain amino acids. Protein powder, pre-workout and thermogenic supplements are
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