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Finn Lau Yong Huan D16125478 Mechanization & it Malcontents The object I have chosen for design classic is an Aircraft manufacture by America Boeing Commercial Airplane Company – Boeing 787 by 1969. There are many first ever design used in this aircraft. This most recognize aircraft ever in the history also got a nickname call “The Jumbo Jet” or “Queen of the sky”. However, this aircraft was the longest airliner in the world for 747-8 version as well as one of the most recognizable aircraft in the world. Other than that, this plane was also designed for both passengers and cargo use. So, when the aircraft was retired or passengers stop flying it, the aircraft was still useful for cargo use. There was also a reason Boeing had built this aircraft because of Pan America founder Juan Trippe, pushed Boeing to build a aircraft way bigger than Boeing 707. At that time, airports traffic was becoming congested and few larger aircraft would help to resolve airport traffic problem and airline would operate more efficiently. The reason of this aircraft is the most recognizable in the world and that’s where the iconic and recognize hump come in. Because of his iconic hump in front of the aircraft, its turn out that hump has been around since the 60s, the engineers decide to…show more content…
Airbus A380 are allow to carry more than 850 passages with one configuration. Other than that, Boeing 747 also the first ever aircraft with four the high-bypass turbofan engines. The Boeing 747 maximum take-off weight ranges are up to 333,400 kg for the 747-100 version and 439,985 kg for the 747 -8 version, the range has also increased from 9,800 km on the 747-100 version to 14,815 km on the 747-8

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