Boeing Company Case Study

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For this assignment, I have chosen three multinational companies. They are: The Boeing Com-pany, an American multinational aerospace corporation that is currently the world 's largest and is the leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space, and security systems; Nestlé S.A., a Swiss transnational food and beverage company that is currently the largest food company in the world measured by revenues; and Tetra Pak, a private multinational food packaging and processing company of Swedish origin that offers packaging solutions, filling ma-chines and processing solutions.
Listed below are the objectives of each company. Because there were no actual lists of goals presented in their website, public statements, and annual reports,
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All these are done to fulfill an envisioned goal of being the company of people working togeth-er as a global enterprise for aerospace industry leadership.

In order to successfully connect and protect people globally, Boeing first seeks to be the com-pany of people working together as a global enterprise for aerospace industry leadership. It seeks to deliver the best and safest air and space services to governments, companies, and people. And it achieves its objectives by implementing its strategies:
• Operate as one Boeing,
• Deliver customer value,
• Lead with
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It extends it service to 150 countries from around the globe, employing over 165,000 people across the United States and in more than 65 countries. Although research, design, and technology-development are dispersed throughout the seven continents, the company is still able to op-erate as one Boeing. It is able to understand the different needs of different customers from different regions and focuses on meeting their demands, thus, delivering superior customer value and satisfaction. Being one of the two largest aerospace craft manufacturing companies in the world, Boeing leverages a global strength in this particular
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