Boeing's Influence On Aviation History

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Boeing helped shape aviation history. Over 50% of all the commercial jets were made by Boeing ("Boeing"). William Boeing has created a very rich history which included building the 747, commercial jets, military, and space programs. William Boeing started one of the most successful companies in aeronautics history. William graduated from yale in 1903 ("Boeing"). He opened Boeing in 1916. Boeing bought heath shipyard to build his first airplane factory. Many of his first designed planes were seaplanes. William believed that seaplanes were going to lead the industry due to lack of land in cities for airports. Boeing wanted to make his company the loan supplier of military air crafts. William Boeing went broke during the great depression in the 1930’s and was forced to sell his interest in the company. He did continue to consulat the company tell his death in 1956. Building the 747 was a remarkable feat of the time. Original development of the 747 came as a request from the military for a new cargo plane. 50,000 people called the incredibles were needed to build and design the 747. The 747 was made possible because of the new General Electric engines ("Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet - History"). This new engine used ⅓ the fuel and had twice the power.…show more content…
Boeing is helping revolutionize space travel. Boeing currently has over two dozen satellites in orbit. Currently boeing produces nine satellite models. There are currently one dozen new Boeing satellites in production. On September 10, 2015 Boeing made the first 100% electric propulsion satellite. SLS is the most powerful rocket ever built ("Boeing Builds the Most Powerful Rocket Ever Made"). In order to produce SLS engineers had to produce the world’s largest welding system. Boeing designed the SLS for deep space travel. One a the few but major downfalls to the SLS rocket is that is is non fillable, but the SLS does have 8.5 million lbs of thrust that is equivalent to thirty one 747’s. Boeing’s SLS rocket is nearly 200ft

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