Boer War Dbq

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Q(F1):What was the Boer war over?

A: The Second Boer war was over gems (diamonds and sort) and gold. At first Britain had come to take over the South Africans land. The Boers didn’t enjoy that the Britain’s were doing that but they had no quarrel with them. Then the Boer’s and Britain both struck gold and gems while mining. At first it was just a few battles here and there. There were a few casualties over the valuables but nothing major. Then it started to escalate. The small fights kept becoming bigger and bigger until the two sides kept fighting each other and it became a war. After that the war was official and Britain and the Boer’s became full scale enemies.

Q(F2):What was the Jameson raid and why did it take place?

A: The Jameson Raid was an attempt to overthrow the president
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First of all, Britain made the Boer’s sing a peace treaty. This treaty stated that: Uitlanders could come back to the Transvaal, Boers must put down their weapons,Dutch would still be taught in schools and used in courts, Voting rights for black people would be talked about once the two new colonies could govern themselves, Financial help would made for poor citizens and,The two new colonies would have their debts paid.The war also ended independence of South African Republic (Transvaal) and Orange Free State. The british government also paid out about 3 million euros to the South African Republic for any repairs that was needed. Also, this lead to black people being able to vote in cape colony in 1910 because south africa joined them. This war also helped to poison the atmosphere between Europe's great powers. Britain also found that most countries sympathized with the Boers and were mad at Britain.Studies later showed (around 1980) that the war affected a lot of black males. They lost their jobs or they got shut down (like gold mines) because of the war. Alos, nearly 100,000 lives were lost. That’s must affect a lot of
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