Boesman's Emotional State In The Monologue Analysis

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Question 1 Boesman’s emotional state in the monologue, he is in a bad state of mind. He is emphasizing and shouting violently. “yes! Dankie baas.” The tone is firm and tell us that Boesman is sure about his long speech, expressing what he feels about Lena watching the Whiteman burning their pondoks instead of watching she should have helped. Boesman did not really think or believe that, the hidden meaning is that they must have attempted to fight for their home instead of just watching. Boesman is exposing that the time the Whiteman was burning their pondoks it was the end of them. “he wasn’t just burning pondoks. They alone can’t stink like that. Or burn like that. There is something else in that fire, something rotten, Us!” his angry on this long speech. Boesman give awareness into how he perceives the world.” then I went back to the place where…show more content…
Boesman takes out his bitterness and defeat by assaulting Lena. Poor woman is always covered in bruises. Boesman is also mentally brutalizing Lena. He does not pay proper attention most of the time he ignores her which results to physical abuse. (Pg. 24)” (showing him the bruises on her arm and face) No not that one. That’s an old one. This one. And here just because I drooped the sack with the empties. I would have been dead if they hadn’t laughed. When other people laugh he gets ashamed. now too. I would have got it hard from him if you…”, Boesman also punish Lena for his mistakes because he has power over her. The was a time when Boesman accused Lena for breaking three of the bottles and it was him who broke the bottles. Boesman also expresses racial discrimination because his colored he sees himself better than Outa the old man who is black and African. Boesman chase away Outa.Pg32” Hey! Hamba wena!” treating him the way white people have treated him. Whiteman burn their houses and treated them like animals because they had power over them. Question
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