Food Tourism In Babette's Feast

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“Food Tourism in its different manifestations currently enjoys a high degree of popularity and appears to have excellent prospects” (Henderson 323) with eat country their own dish or even more than one which they are known for. Due to having more access to transportation and technology to neighboring countries exposure has been more advantageous than in the time of Babette’s Feast where the sisters did not understand the meaning of the food being cooked, they were enclosed in their community with no knowledge of the world. Whereas, the General who was more exposed to “culinary tourism” appreciated and knew how this dish was a meal for the Kings. Travelers immense themselves in the novelty of things, where according to the Global Report on Food…show more content…
Relating the food to the black outspoken songs where she mentions how they “connect to the culture of the people they live with, whether they like them or not, or even if they’ve never seen one of them: they know James Brown” (Cognard-Black et al. 137) how music and dancing connects souls that haven’t even seen each other all hungry for life. Linking the connection between their hunger for life and her “very sexy little dish” of turtle eggs and spices, a light dish that helps set a romantic mood, how the “huevos de tortugas” which means turtle eggs in English is used as a term of endearment. Giving the thrive of dancing and romance a taste by adding a dish to stir up the emotions, a lot can happen with spices and ingredients which is an evident factor in Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate where food helps Tita proclaim her love for Pedro. The description shows the extreme delicacy and exoticism of the dish by its ingredients and presentation to the guests, trying to cover the war scars by gathering and enjoying a good meal and music. Even if their houses are brought down, still the fact that they are together makes them hold their heads
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