Boll Weevil Is War Analysis

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“Boll weevil is War. He is hateful, avaricious, murderous, and devastating” Boll weevil and war are both hateful. This is shown in the quote, “ Cecil’s body lay sprawled near the door. Boll weevil pulled his knife from the man’s chest. … Before moving away, he looked at Cecil and raised his foot, kicking him several times in the head to release his hateful venom” (108). Boll weevil is similar to war, as they both typically harm people for a hateful cause. Boll weevil kicks Cecil several times after he kills him, to show his hate toward him for not giving the money. Likewise, war is hateful because many soliders go out to fight, filled with hate, to fight for a one-sided cause. Both reprocussions as a result of Boll weevil’s actions, and war,…show more content…
War’s outcome is fatalities of many people. This is typically due to conflict from two opposing parties, resulting in murders. In like manner, Boll weevil is murderous as he murders Cecil by stabbing him in the chest, due to the fact that Cecil does not give him the money that Cecil owes (108). It is apparent in this quote that Boll weevil is murderous: “Then without let up, there came a rush of lively blows followed by a loud scream, a heavy thud on the floor and a scurrying of feet towards the door” (106). This quote shows that Boll weevil is capable of shooting someone (Cecil), therefore making him murderous, similarily to war. Boll weevil and war are similar as they are both devastating. Boll weevil causes devastation to the Redmond family by trying to put them on a ship to Boston (102), trying to frame Fortune for Cecil’s death (121), and trying to steal their freedom papers to give them to Cecil (66). These events would have been devastating to the Redmonds because they would loose all their oppourtunities in Boston, Fortune would be in jail for a wrongfully accused crime, and loosing their slave papers means they would be put back into the horrible conditions and life of
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